ITEC Active Box

A Full-Featured Sound System to Take Along Anywhere You Go

Simply place, turn on and operate. No matter if at lectures, moderations or events - this box has enough power for an audience of 500 people and more. You are fully autonomous thanks to the built- in high-capacity rechargeable battery, the wireless and acoustic-feedback-proof microphones and the integrated CD/MP3/USB player - no cables and you are still on air 8 hours non-stop.

  • Built-in amplifier, wireless microphone receiver, rechargeable battery and optional CD/MP3/USB-player!
  • The sturdy wooden case and the optimal calibration of the speakers make sure you experience authentic and crystal clear sound.
  • 8h operating time on battery, enough power for an audience of approx. 500 people,
    at a weight of only 12 kg!


Fascinating functionality


Total freedom of movement using wireless microphones

Rednerpult Success
Hand-held microphone                                  Lavalier microphone                                         Headset microphone

The practical hand-held microphone is universally applicable, simple to use and can be passed on easily in case different speakers are active alternately.

The small microphone cartridge is virtually invisible when clipped to the collar or placket -The receiver, about a cigarette box big is attached to your pocket or belt.

The professional uses a headset. The microphone cartridge is always placed precise and concise in the distance from the mouth of the speaker.

Cable-bound high-end microphones: just plug it

Microphone set PA-7A comprising an elegant gooseneck microphone. It is ideal for readings and lectures where people talk into the microphone from medium distance.

The EM-300 is an all-purpose microphone with excellent polar pattern. It is a highend product to use for speech, singing and music.

The best choice for your podium discussions: The ITEC Conference-Set

Usually, multiple microphones are used in conferences or podium discussions. The usage of multiple microphones adds to the danger of acoustic feedback and cuts on comprehensibility. MICRO-MIX 4 is your personal sound engineer in a black box. All issues are taken care of automatically.

ITEC MICRO-MIX 4 is the smallest automatic mixer worldwide. The microphone in use is detected automatically and the levels of all other microphones are reduced.

VOM Function (voice over music) - Auto-Mute

Automatic music volume reduction, also known as „Voice over Music“ or „Ducking“, is an optional feature. If your presentation is supported by background music, it enables the automatic reduction of the volume of the music for the time you are speaking. AUTO-MUTE is your „electronic sound engineer“. It reduces the volume of the music for the time any microphone is used. The amount of reduction can be set by you. This feature can also be used with auxiliary playback devices.


ITEC Active-Bass/Akku

Rich, balanced sound reproduction while maintaining perfect comprehensibility of speech is achieved best by the combination of the ITEC ACTIVE BOX and the ITEC ACTIVE-BASS/ACCU. Experience authentic sound even at low volume and powerful rhythm for your events.


Acoustic power of both components in battery (!) or plugged operation:
unbelievable 140 W RMS

Recommended for:

  • School festivals and company parties
  • Theater events
  • Aerobic and showdance
  • Gymnastic and workout
  • Fashion show
  • Playback shows
  • Discos for kids

Speaker extensions for large events

The acoustic power of a single ITEC ACTIVE BOX is sufficient for an audience of about 500 people. In order to support larger audiences, you can simply add more ITEC ACTIVE BOXes!

One ITEC ACTIVE BOX is the leading device, additional ITEC ACTIVE BOXes are receiving the audio signal from it. The leading device is equipped with a wireless receiver, CD-Player/Tuner etc. and connected to auxiliary playback or recording devices. The transmission from the leading box to the receiving boxes can be established:

  1. by audio cable connecting all ITEC ACTIVE BOXes in series or
  2. by a radio link. In this case, every connected ITEC ACTIVE BOX is equipped with a wireless receiver. This allows for a 100% wireless operation of all boxes!


A Future-Proof Concept - ITEC Lectern SUCCESS

Extension to the ITEC lectern

Large events may require to multiply the acoustic power of the lectern using multiple ITEC ACTIVE BOXes. The transmission of the audio signal from the lectern to the boxes can be established by cable link or, more comfortable, by radio link - 100% wireless.



GENERAL Portable, active speaker system with built-in amplifier, rechargeable battery,
3-channel mixer, power supply unit with automatic charging module and a
high-performance 2-way speaker system
Amplifier output power:
75 W/RMS
2 bass / mid-range cone speakers 6 inch, 1 dome tweeter 1 inch
SPL max:
115 dB (Powerful enough for an audience of approx. 500 listeners)
High-capacity lead gel battery: 7.5 Ah / 12 V (equal 6 to 8 hours of operation)
Power supply: Power supply unit with automatic charging module (built-in)
Placement: Tripod flange for use with box tripod
Dimensions: 220 x 840 x 220 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 12 kg
Colour: Black, shock-resistant polyurethane coating or beech
Microphone: Microphone connector, symmetrical, combinational XLR/jack plug, 12V phantom power
Line-In:  Stereo-cinch for external media players (Tapes, CD, MP3...)
Line-Out: Stereo-cinch socket for recording devices
Auto-Mute: Automatic music volume reduction
Wireless microphones: Up to 2 wireless microphone receiver modules (UHF or VHF) with separate volume
adjustment may be built in
Microphone: Cable microphone EM 300
Media player: CD/MP3/USB-Player (built-in)
Miscellaneous: Tripod, transport bag, various audio cables

All information without guarantee. Subject to technical changes.