Voice Alarm Speaker Systems

Decades of experience in the installation of professional sound systems have taught us that the impact of room acoustics on the speech intelligibility of sound events reproduced by speaker systems is more than important. All new standards in voice alarm sound reinforcement also require the compliance with respect to intelligibility values for announcements and CIS values greater than 0,7. In practice however it means, that for sound installations of halls and stands, the use of ceiling speakers, sound projectors and horn loudspeakers (even if certified) doesn’t provide the desired results. Therefore we offer you for reverberant spaces strongly focusing sound columnes and for high-performance full-range applications our highpower fullrange speakers both as certified PA speakers. The most important ITEC PA speakers, which will be used within 100V full range applications as well as in voice alarm sound reinforcement systems, are currently under certification

Certified High-Power Speaker Systems
Achieving good speech intelligibility- and high SPL-values are required by all of the appropriate international standards. With „normal“ ceiling speakers, sound-projectors and hornspeakers these requirements often can not be fullfilled, especially in highly reverberant rooms and halls. This is the reason for we decided to bring a couple of our highpower sound columnes and some of our fullrange highpower cabinets into certification acc. to EN 54-24 (in progress):

ITEC NeodymLine-Serie,
ITEC NeoFocus-Serie,
ITEC Monitor12 und
ITEC PowerTop12/2

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