ITEC Compact Box

All-In-One Package

Perfect sound - battery-operated!
ITEC Compact Box - the entire sound system in one handy, mobile box, including the power supply by a high-capacity rechargeable battery. Amplifier, mixer, speaker system and the battery are fully integrated. All Inclusive: The ITEC Compact Box comes with everything you need for your event. The package includes a professional wireless microphone (the receiver is integrated in the box) and the new CD-MP3-USB player. This player allows you to play your songs from CD or from MP3 or WAV files on a USB memory stick. Furthermore, the useful carrying bag is included so that you can easily carry along your ITEC Compact Box wherever you go.


  • Events at School
  • Lectures, Seminars
  • Aerobic & Fitness
  • Fairs, Exhibitions, Product Presentations
  • Trainings
  • Staff Meetings
  • Business Parties
  • and much more


Place, activate, operate!

Up to 8 hours of full power in battery mode!
Forget about the strenuous setup of a sound system and all the hassle in running all the cabling. Just place the ITEC Compact Box, activate, operate! Operation is as simple as could be. Like any ITEC product, the Compact Box impresses the audience with superb intelligibility and authentic music reproduction. And even more: you can operate it for up to 8 hours without plugging it to the power grid. The integrated high-capacity rechargeable battery makes it real!

Strong Extras

Shipped with the product

Wireless Microphone
A professional wireless microphone is included in the package. That translates to maximum freedom of movement for the speaker.

Auto Mute
Automatic music volume reduction for the time you are speaking - it has never been easier. Volume reduction levels can be set as you wish of course.

CD-MP3-USB Player
Flashy and in the package: the combined CD-MP3-USB player. You can play back the usual audio CDs as well as audio files from your USB memory stick.

Carrying Bag
Also shipped with the product: the compact carrying bag for your ITEC Compact Box made from water-resistant materials. The spacious side pocket can take lots of accesoires.

Optional accessories

Lavalier Microphone
You can be even more versatile with a second wireless microphone - which can be a second wireless hand-held, but also a lavalier or headset microphone

The headset is the professional solution for lecturing, cabaret, theatre and sports. We offer multiple models from standart to very subtle and unobtrusive models in skin color.

EM-300 Cable-Bound Microphone
The ITEC Compact-Box comes with an input socket for a cable-bound microphone as well. We recommend the ITEC EM-300 - a state-of-the-art electret-condenser microphone. It is equally suitable for speech, singing and music.

The box tripod is light as a feather - only 1.25 kg - while offering a height of up to 188 cm. When foldet, it measures only 1 meter and can furthermore be clipped to the carrying bag.


GENERAL Mobile, aktive speaker box with integrated amplifier, rechargeable battery,
3-channel mixer, power supply unit with automatic charging,
high-performance 2-way speaker system
Amplifier output power: 75 W/RMS 
1 cone woofer/mid-range 6.6 inch, 1 calotte tweeter 1 inch
Maximum sound pressure (SPL): max. 108 dB (for audiences of up to 200 people)
Pre-amplifier: 3-Channel: microphone, line, wireless
High-capacity lead gel battery: 7A h / 12 V (equal 6 to 8 hours of operation)
Plugged operation / charging: external power supply unit, automatic charging
Tripod flange: for box-tripods 25 mm
Dimensions: 275 x 430 x 225 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 10.9 kg
Colour: black, shock-resistant polyurethane coating, UV-resistant
Wireless microphone system: professional wireless microphone, receiver integrated into the box 
Playback device: integrated CD-MP3-USB player
Auto-mute feature: automatic music volume reduction on microphone usage
Miscellaneous: carrying bag for box and accessoires, water-resistant, padded
Microphone socket: symetric, XLR/jack combo-socket, phantom power 12V
Line-In: 2 cinch sockets (RCA)
Line-Out: 2 cinch sockets for recording devices (RCA)
Additional wireless microphone: second wireless microphone, second receiver integrated into the box -
either handheld, lavalier or headset microphone
Microphone: EM-300 cable-bound microphone
Miscellaneous: ultra-light tripod

All information without guarantee. Subject to technical changes.