ITEC MultiPower

ITEC MultiPower 2 x 200
ITEC MultiPower 2 x 350

ITEC MultiPower 2 x 750
ITEC MultiPower 2 x 1000

ITEC MultiPower 2 x 200T
ITEC MultiPower 2 x 300T

The product line ITEC MULTIPOWER is made up of four models covering the amplifying power range from 2 x 200 Watt to 2 x 300 Watt. The “T” models are equipped with 100 Volt output transformers. A whole bunch of useful features allows for operation solving the most diverse purposes while furthermore often relieving you from the necessity to acquire expensive additional audio equipment.


  • Power switch on the front panel
  • Switching 230 V socket for add-on devices
  • Temperature-controlled axial fan
  • One volume control per channel on the front panel
  • Plexiglas shield to prevent unauthorized access provided with the device
  • LED indicators for protection, limiter and signal per channel
  • Electronical, symmetrical inputs, XLR, jack and screw clamp
  • Switch to activate bridged mode
  • All output sockets are implemented as pluggable terminals
  • Groundlift switch
  • Soft start power up delay for speakers
  • Protective switch to prevent open-circuit operation, short circuit and overheating….
  • Protective switch to prevent direct current at the speaker output
  • Mixing operation of the two inputs in bridged mode
  • Potential-free connectors for error detection
  • Remote mute control for each input, electrically isolated
  • Remote power up/down (optional)
  • Integrated 100 Volt output transformer (models 2x200T and 2x300T)

The power amplifiers of the product line ITEC MULTIPOWER are well-known for their robustness and reliability. They are designed for continuous operation as part of professional installations. Dynamic limiters ensure an effective overload protection, preventing distortion and damage to the speaker systems. A temperature-controlled fan guarantees optimal operating temperature in the case at any time while keeping fan-noise levels low. A series of protective features provides operation at highest-possible security levels.


The volume controls and LEDs for status display are conveniently located on the front panel. Every ITEC MULTIPOWER is shipped with a shield made of Plexiglas to prevent unauthorized or unintended access to all controls on the front panel.


We have also thought about the connection of remote control and security systems. The ITEC MULTIPOWER devices are thus equipped with potential-free connectors for error detection, remote mute functionality for every channel and optionally a remote power up/down feature!

Connecting Inputs
You can use XLR connector, jack plug or screw clamp to connect input devices to the ITEC MULTIPOWER.

Plugable Terminals
Plugable terminals enable an easy and hassle-free installation of the speakers.

Power socket for auxiliary devices
You can provide power to auxiliary devices through a 230 V power socket. This socket is activated by the main switch of the device.


TYPE MP 2x200 MP 2x350 MP 2x750 MP 2x1000 MP 2x200T MP 2x300T
Pout 4 Ohm, W / RMS  2x200 2x350  2x750  2x1000  2x200  2x300
Pout 2 Ohm, W / RMS  2x250 2x450  2x1100  2x1450  2x250  2x450 
Pout 8 Ohm, bridged, W / RMS  400  700  1500  2000  400  700 
Pout 4 Ohm, bridged, W / RMS  500  900 2200  2900  500  900 
Pout 100 V, W / RMS  ---  ---  ---  --- 2x200 2x300 
Pout 100 V, bridged, W / RMS  ---  ---  ---  ---  400  600 
Harmonic Distortion  < 0,05 %      
Frequency Range  25 - 22000 Hz     80 – 20000 Hz  
Distance Voltage-to-Noise > 105 dB      
Dimensions  482 x 88 x 350 mm (W x H x D), 19“ / 2 rack units    
Weight  11.4 kg  15.3 kg  17.5 kg  18.5 kg  13,0 kg  16,9 kg
Operating Temperature  -5° - +40°      
Max. Power Consumption 1200 W  1800 W  2600 W  3200 W 1200 W  1800 W 
Input Sensitivity (+3 dB) sym.1Veff      
Protective Switches  DC, Short Circuit, Oscillating, Temperature      
Cooling  Temperature-controlled fans      

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