ITEC MultiPower75/H

MultiPower 75/H

ITEC MultiPower 2 x 75/H
ITEC MultiPower 4 x 75/H


The ITEC MULTIPOWER 75/H range consists of two models with an output power of 2×75 or 4×75 watt RMS. All units feature volume controls on the rear panel. The ascetic, clearly laid out and functional exterior hides a sophisticated, exceptionally low-noise power amplifi er with a built-in compressor/limiter. Although designed mainly for use with ITEC’s Focusline systems, these units are equally well suited for many other 100 volt sound reinforcement solutions. Because of the amplifiers’ high effi ciency, they do not need forced ventilation, even in continuous full-load duty. Operation is therefore completely noiseless and the absence of a continuous airflow prevents unwanted dust deposits within the devices’ housing.


  • Power switch on the front panel
  • Switched 230 V socket for additional devices
  • Noiseless operation – no fan!
  • Electronically balanced inputs, XLR socket
  • Push-type output terminals
  • Power-up delay for speakers
  • Compressor/limiter
  • Open-circuit, overload and overtemperature protection

With their straight and rugged exterior, the focus of ITEC’s MULTIPOWER 75 power amplifiers lies clearly on their inner workings. Special features of these units are their outstanding signal-to-noise ratio coupled with a high efficiency, resulting in an exceptionally low heat dissipation.

The 19” mounting brackets are removable, allowing the units to be used as compactly dimensioned, free-standing device.


The controls and connectors on the rear panel are also clearly laid out.

Input connectors
Balanced inputs are XLR sockets with volume control.

Push-type terminals
Speaker connection is through push-type terminals for convenient installation
and easy maintenance.

Power socket for additional devices
A 230 V Power Out socket for additional devices that are switched on and off
together with the power amplifier.




MP 2x75/H MP 4x75/H
Operating voltage 110 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz500 900 
Pout 4 Ohm, W / RMS 2x75 4x75
Pout 100 V, W / RMS  2x60 4x60
Harmonic distortion < 0,05 %      
Frequency response  25 - 22000 Hz (80 - 16000 Hz at 100 V)
Dimensions  482 × 88 × 350 mm (W x H x D), 19“ / 2 rack units     
Weight  4.5 kg  6.9 kg 
Ambient temperature -5° bis +40° Celsius    
Max. power consumption 200 W  360 W 
Input sensitivity (+3 dB) sym.1Veff      
Protective circuits Open circuit, overload, temperature     
Cooling  No fan     
Volume controls on device front no no

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