ITEC PA Control 4/8 digital

PA CONTROL is based on the well-proven technology of ITEC MULTIMIX. It is a device that is designed specifically for the optimal adjustment of different speaker systems. The PA CONTROL provides the sound engineer every imaginable possibility of signal processing while offering the operator a very simplistic configurable user interface. The new ITEC PA CONTROL 4/8 digital is very reasonably priced, so you can also use it for simple sound provisioning setups. Simultaneously, it is perfectly suited for large and complex setups due to the ability to cascade multiple instances, the high audio quality and the remote control and –maintenance features. Connectivity and configuration are both simple and self-explanatory.




With the PA CONTROL 4/8 digital, it is very easy to do manual adjustments: just use the potentiometers on the front panel. The 4 volume controls can be allocated as desired. Obviously, you can also group inputs or outputs to a single control. The volume bandwidth (minimal/maximal volume) can be set as well. The front panel features four LEDs that indicate the input signals, a power indicator and a fault indicator LED.

Serial Interfaces
Two independent RS232 interfaces allow for connectivity to other systems. The 9-pin PC connector is located on the front panel. The configuration software ITEC SPLITDESIGN turns any PC or Laptop into a fully-featured operational console with rich status display. The rear panel also features a 9-pin Sub-Min-D connector to link to media remote controls.

Configuration Switch
You can choose one of up to 10 custom configuration sets using a switch on the front panel.


4 symmetric inputs on XLR-sockets are located on the rear panel. The maximum input amplification is adjustable for each channel from -20 to +30 dB in Line operation and from +10 to +60 dB in Mic-operation. That means that you are able to adjust any common playback devices and microphones to optimum levels. Phantom power (12 V) is available and can be activated separately on each channel. Additionally, you can connect a MULTIMIX 8/4 via the RJ45 connector of the PA CONTROL (ANALOG LINK IN), using its ANALOG LINK OUT connector.

8 symmetrical outputs are available as XLR connectors on the rear panel. The maximum output levels are +20 dB (if the DSP-Modul is installed: +10dB)

External Control
Volume remote control is possible using the remote control inputs (15-pin connector on the rear panel). There are 8 remote control inputs that can be connected to external potentiometers (direct current 0-10V). You can allocate any input or output channel to the remote control inputs.

Ethernet Interface (optional)
If you order the device with the optional Ethernet interface (RJ45 connector on the rear panel), you can configure and remote control it via your PC or Laptop network connector.

Fault Indicator
A potential-free switch is available for connectivity to external fault indicator systems.

Block Diagram

The base architecture of the ITEC PA CONTROL is built from high-quality analogue audio technology! However, fully digital controlled. Two microprocessors control the VCAs, measure the potentiometers and audio levels, switch the signal paths and communicate with external systems. The analogue base architecture provides for superior quality in terms of signal-noise ratio, dynamics and harmonic distortion. Additionally, your device is equipped with two DSP modules (for four outputs each) that enable you to perform digital signal processing.


DSP Module


Your ITEC PA CONTROL ships with two integrated 4x4 DSP matrix modules. ITEC SPLITDESIGN includes to configure these DSPs. They operate in 24 Bit / 44,1 kHz mode and provide optimal algorithms. Each DSP has 9 filters per input that can be parameterized. Attenuation, quality and frequency can be adjusted. Each output can be delayed (0.023 – 500 ms) and filtered by setting a high/low-pass filter (1. to 4. order)

DSP Block Diagram


SplitDesign - PC Software for ITEC PA-Control 4/8 digital

The software SPLITDESIGN is the tool that the sound engineer can use to perform basic configurations as well as to test and adjust the PA CONTROL in productive operation. Any adjustments can be made in real time, they take effect immediately. Configurations are stored to the flash memory of the PA CONTROL controller, so they are safe from power-outages. That includes all settings and parameters and the custom names of the inputs and outputs. The sound engineer can access all data of the last configuration at any time. You can save up to 10 different configuration sets in the flash memory of the PA CONTROL.

Configuration at a click
All basic settings are performed on this clearly laid-out screen. The preamplification (Mic/Line), the volume controls, the allocation from the inputs to the busses and the parameters for the auto-mixing are all configured on this screen.


All levels at a glance
The screen “VU DISPLAY” shows the current levels of inputs and outputs during operation. It is a valuable tool to check correct adjustment of the device


DSP Inputs (only with DSP Option)
This screen allows to configure the 9-band equalizers and the matrix mixer. You can edit settings directly in the graph – it’s a breeze!


DSP Outputs (only with DSP Option)
On this screen you can configure the band-pass filters for the 8 outputs. Also, you can comfortably set delays in milliseconds, meters, or feet.


One tool of many:
You will find many valuable features in the corresponding menu “EXTRAS”. One of them is the compressor/limiter. The display is real-time to make optimal configuration easy. The compressor operates in analogue mode on the signal path, but is also microprocessor controlled.


Visualization of the configuration
The configuration setup is visualized in this diagram. Signal paths are illustrated as coloured lines, the diagrams of filters and equalizers explain the architecture very well. You can click on parts of the diagram to see current signal levels and additional information.



Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz/ -3 dB
Harmonic Distortion: < 0.005 %
Overall Dynamics: 96 dB
POWER SUPPLY External power supply unit
Input: 115 - 230 VAC
Output: +12 V, -12 V, +5 V/ 20 W
INPUTS 4 x symmetrical
Max. Amplification: Adjustable -20 dB to +60 dB
Phantom Power: +12 V, configurable per channel
Input Impedance: 6.6 k Ohm
8 x symmetrical
Max. Output Levels: +10 dB
Output Impedance:
symmetrical 300 Ohm, unsymmetrical 150 Ohm
Dimensions: 482 x 44 x 180 mm (W x H x D), 19“, 1 RU
Weight: 2.40 kg
DSP MODULE  2 pcs. ship with product
24 bit/44.1 kHz
4 inputs and 4 outputs each
4 x 4 matrix each
PER INPUT 9-band equalizer, fully parameterized ±15 dB
Middle Frequency: Adjustable, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Filtering Quality: Adjustable, 0.1 to 70
PER OUTPUT Delay: 0.023 – 500ms / band-pass filter: 1st to 4th order
INTERFACE: Ethernet 10 Base-T oder 100 Base-TX (Auto-Sensing, Full/half duplex)

You can download the latest version of the software using the link: SplitDesign
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