Backup Power Supply


Backup power supply for system designs according to EN 833-4 and TRVB S 158
The digital power supply ITEC DSV54-4 is certified according to EN 54-4:1997 + A2: 2006. It is used to supply the components of the individual modules and for charging / monitoring of the emergency batteries. The power supply is intended for a connection to a 230 V/50 Hz (┬▒15 %) power network and has to be connected via a two-pole pre-fuse of maximum 16 A. The integrated power supply provides power up to 300 W at 24 V DC. Thus during mains operation, in addition to the load current that is needed to recharge the batteries within 24 hours on at least 80 % of its rated capacity, sufficient power for the supply of 24 V system components (Spider44, SpiderMike2, Switch4 /1) is available (e.g.: 6 A for charging batteries with 160 Ah total capacity and 6 A for other devices). Supply voltage, connected batteries and the pre-fuses of the low-voltage outlets are monitored by the ITEC DSV54-4. Errors are reported via LEDs on the front side and via potential-free relay changeover contacts. The internal resistance of the batteries is also measured cyclical. In case the resistance gets greater than 20 mO, it is reported at the front side via LEDs and relay contacts. The device is equipped with a deep discharge protection, which is activated when the battery voltage drops below 1.8 V/cell and which ensures
a reliable protection of the batteries.