ITEC Smart-Box

Impressing power, no weight

An entire speaker system from ITEC has never been so light in weight before. With less than 3 kg our so-called SMART-BOX is the ultimate lightweight in our mobile sound equipment portfolio. The new Neodym speaker technology with an exceptionally high efficiency factor offers new possibilities: Public addressing of up to 100 persons, talk time up to 3 hours with only one battery charge. Manifold applications areas, flexibility and simplest operation are key features of this marvelous little device.





Less than 3 kg in weight - Very easy to carry

With the handy carrying strap the Smart Box is always present. Whether on guided tours, trips, excursions, pilgrimages - whenever a group is in motion and good sound is required, the Smart-Box is the ideal travel companion. By using a wireless microphone, the entire system is completely cable-free.

Applicable for various applications like sport events at the green, children’s parties or at retirement homes: Simply place the smart box on a speaker stand and the entire sound equipment is built up and ready to use. A second microphone can be connected via a cable – Feeding of music by linking a CD or MP3 player (or of course a Smartphone) is possible as well.

Strong Extras

ITEC wireless microphones at your disposal

The built-in wireless microphone receiver (option) allows a wireless operation with different types of microphones.

Rednerpult Success
Hand-held microphone                                  Lavalier microphone                                         Headset microphone

The practical hand-held microphone is universally applicable, simple to use and can be passed on easily in case different speakers are active alternately. A shoulder strap (see accessories) also ensures that the speaker has both hands free.

When used indoors, e.g.: for lectures and courses, the Lavalier microphone is a good choice. The small microphone cartridge is virtually invisible when clipped to the collar or placket -The receiver, about a cigarette box big is attached to your pocket or belt.

The professional uses a headset. The microphone cartridge is always placed precise and concise in the distance from the mouth of the speaker. As with the lapel microphone the headset is connected with a small pocket transmitter, which can be carried in a pocket or belt.

The headset is also available with cable coupling for a direct connection to the Smart Box, e.g.: for guided tours, when the speaker carries the box himself.



 VOM Function (voice over music)- AUTO-MUTE
Automatic music volume reduction, also known as „Voice over Music“ or „Ducking“, is an optional feature. If your presentation is supported by back-ground music, it enables the automatic reduction of the volume of the music for the time you are speaking. AUTO-MUTE is your „electronic sound engineer“. It reduces the volume of the music for the time any microphone is used. The amount of reduction can be set by you. This feature can also be used with auxiliary playback devices.

built-in Bluetooth receiver
An optionally built-in Bluetooth receiver enables the wireless playback of pieces of music directly from a smartphone, tablet, etc.

More accessories

To store the speaker stand in case the Smart box is carried in heads up position.

Speaker stand
A lightweight 3-leg tripod allows setting up the Smart Box indoors and outdoors. Weight: about 1.7 kg, Maximum extension height: about 1.5 m. Other stand versions with larger floor space and height extension are available on request.

Neck bracket for microphones
Practical neck bracket for handheld microphones. This bracket holds the microphone always in a consistent, comfortable distance from the mouth; the hands of the speaker remain free. A simple passing on of the microphone to other speakers is possible.


GENERAL Portable, active speaker with built-in 3-channel mixer, 75 watts power amplifier and two high-performance neodymium speakers, Integrated charging electronic with overcharge and deep discharge protection, External power supply for charging or for continuous operation of the device, battery level indicator
Power amplifier specification:
Two full-range neodymium high performance speakers
SPL max: 105 dB (Powerful enough for an audience of approx. 500 listeners)
Integrated 3-channel pre-amplifier: Mic / Line In / Radio
High-performance sealed lead acid battery: 2 Ah / 12 V (equal 2 to 3 hours of operation)
Stand adapter: 16 mm
Dimensions: 362 mm x 127 mm x 135 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 2.8 kg
Colour: Black, Shock-resistant polyurethane coating
Microphone input: Balanced, XLR / TRS combo jacks, phantom power, 12 V
Line-In:  Stereo RCA jack
Line-Out: Stereo RCA jack for recorders
  Automatic music volume reduction
  Bluetooth receiver
  Integrated radio microphone receiver (UHF or VHF)
with separated volume control
  Wired Microphone
  Tripod, quiver, transport bag, shoulder strap

All information without guarantee. Subject to technical changes.