ITEC Twin Box

The Powerful but Pocket-Size Mobile Sound System

The sound pressure level is simply impressing. Multiple hundred people will hear and understand your words. At processions, guided tours, excursions, city tours this little power box is always at your side and adapts to changing circumstances with the twist of your hand literally!


Fascinating Functionality

Use the shoulder strap
You can use the shoulder strap to carry your ITEC TWIN BOX during guided tours and processions. This frees your hands and you can concentrate on your actual task - to guide your audience. Go wireless: Use the wireless microphone for minimal distraction from what you want to talk about. Troublesome cables are a thing of the past.

Carry the Twin Box along
If you want to serve a larger audience, you may consider carrying the TWIN BOX along above the crowd. For this purpose, the TWIN BOX comes with a tripod that you can mount on the shoulder strap with the provided quiver. As the TWIN BOX is now above the crowd, the sound waves can spread freely. Your voice is carried many hundred meters.

Set up the Twin Box
If there is no need to move along, the most comfortable way to operate the TWIN BOX is to set it up in a fixed position. In halls, on the lawn, at parish festivals or at funerals: mount the TWIN BOX on the tripod, connect additional microphones if desired, connect any auxiliary playback devices - and you have got the finest sound for your event.

Strong Extras

Total freedom of movement using wireless microphones

Rednerpult Success
Hand-held microphone                                  Lavalier microphone                                         Headset microphone

The practical hand-held microphone is universally applicable, simple to use and can be passed on easily in case different speakers are active alternately.

The small microphone cartridge is virtually invisible when clipped to the collar or placket -The receiver, about a cigarette box big is attached to your pocket or belt.

The professional uses a headset. The microphone cartridge is always placed precise and concise in the distance from the mouth of the speaker.

built-in USB Player

The Twin Box is now available with built-in USB player. This practical accessory can play MP3 music files directly from USB flash drive. Therefore, it is possible, to have continuous selection of thousands of songs or many hours of continuous music program. An IR remote control simplifies operation of the device, track selection and volume control.


built-in Bluetooth receiver
An optionally built-in Bluetooth receiver enables the wireless playback of pieces of music directly from a smartphone, tablet, etc.

More accessories

Ultra light box tripod adjustable in height.
(1.25 kg; maximum height: 188 cm)

Transport bag
Accommodates the ITEC TWIN BOX, the tripod and all accessories.
Padded on the inside and water resistant.

To mount the tripod on the shoulder strap when carrying the
ITEC TWINBOX above face level.

Microphone holder
Holder to accommodate hand-held microphones. The holder is put around the
neck. Microphone tilt can be adjusted.



GENERAL Portable, active speaker system with built-in amplifier, rechargeable battery,
Battery level indicator, 3-channel mixer, power supply unit with automatic charging module and a high-performance speaker system.
Amplifier output power
Drivers 2 full-range cone speakers 6 1/2" inch
SPL max 113 dB (Powerful enough for an audience of approx. 500 listeners)
3-channel pre-amplifier Microphone/Wireless/Auxiliary
High-capacity lead-gel rechargeable battery 3.5 Ah / 12 V (equal 3 to 4 hours of operation) 
Tripod flange for use with box tripod
Dimensions (W x H x D) 190 mm x 185 mm x 450 mm
Weight 5.6 kg
Colour black, shock-resistant polyurethane coating
Microphone connector symmetrical, combinational XLR/jack plug,
12 V phantom power
Line-In Stereo-cinch socket
Line-Out Stereo-cinch socket for recording devices
Wireless microphone Up to 2 wireless microphone receiver modules (UHF or VHF)
with separate volume adjustment may be built-in
USB player / recorder
Bluetooth reiceiver
Microphone Cable microphones 
Miscellaneous Tripod, quiver, transport bag, shoulder strap

All information without guarantee. Subject to technical changes.