Song Displays

Even More Joy in Singing Together

Electronic song displays play an important part in motivating church visitors to participate in collective singing. Priests and organists confirm this fact increasingly often. It is also remarkable that the community sings aloud starting from the very first measure instead of the majority of voices dropping in during the verse. Because the number of the current song and especially also of the current verse is always on the display, everybody knows where to read along in the songbook. That’s how even not that “experienced” church visitors can be motivated to actively participate in the common singing.



  • Large, well-readable letters (140, 70, 50 mm)
  • Dot-matrix display
  • Readable distance up to approx. 50 m
  • Very robust, very unobtrusive
  • Representation of all letters and special characters
  • Configurable brightness
  • Extendable
  • All colors per line individually adjustable via software

Unobtrusive table with high luminosity
The display elements are arranged in a robust but still inconspicuous housing that measures only 27 mm in depth. The white front pane is absolutely nontransparent. If the panel is switched off, it is hardly perceivable on a white wall. The large letters measure 140mm in height and are easy to read even by seniors (rounded letters, not a 7-segment display). The dot-matrix display can support all letters and many special characters.  The non-reflecting front pane is another very important feature. The result is a spotless, absolutely non-reflecting surface that does not let lamps or even bright windows affect the readability.


Remote Control

Eingabeeinheit Liedanzeige

Clear-cut and easy to use
Most simple operation was the most important target in the development of our remote control keyboard. Anybody can immediately bring the desired song or verse numbers on the song display - without any training or prior experience. It is very easy to configure the sequence of the songs. During church service, the only thing to do is to activate this pre-configured sequence. A preview feature can be used to inform the audience about the song selection before the start of the mass. Wireless transmission to the display works perfectly without direct line of sight. Naturally, you can send to multiple song displays at once – you can also use multiple remote control keyboards if you like.

Accessories / Special designs

The song display is normally mounted on the wall. Additionally, it supports being mounted in almost any setting with additional accessories.

Swing bracket LAZ-WH/Vesa-1


Swing bracket LAZ-WH/Vesa-3




TYPE ITEC-Song display
ITEC-Song display
ITEC-Song display
ITEC-Song display
Lines / Characters 2-line with 5 characters each * 2-line with 5 characters each * 10-line with 5 characters each * 10-line with 5 characters each *
Character Height 140 mm 70 mm 50 mm 70 mm
Reading Distance Up to 50 m approx. Up to 20 m approx. Up to 15 m approx. Up to 25 m approx.
Dimensions (H x W x D) 480 x 320 x 27 mm 320 x 160 x 27 mm  260 x 530 x 27 mm 320 x 960 x 27 mm
Weight 2,1 kg 0,7 kg  1,7 kg 4,9 kg
Color (frame, screen) white
Color of the Characters
approx. 5 Mio RGB colors per line individually adjustable via software
LEDs number
6100 6100 12.200 24.576
Display Alphanumeric Characters ja
Display Special Characters ja
Adjustable Luminosity ja
Remote Control 868 MHz transmitter/receiver
Power Supply 230 V Power Supply
Swing bracket
Power supply for an in-wall connector  
*other display dimensions on request       
TYPE  Tablet 
Screen size 7 inch
Screen resolution 1024 x 600 Pixel  
Processing speed 1.3 GHz   
Amount of memory 1 GB  
Storage technology LPDDR3-SDRAM   
Storage Type DDR4 SDRAM 
Size of fixed memory 8 GB
Audio output 3,5 mm
Dimensions (H x D x W) 190 x 10 x 113 mm   
Weight ca. 299 g   

 All information without guarantee. Subject to technical changes.