High-End PA Systems and Evacuation

Wherever there are thousands of people gathering, e.g. to attend a sports event, safety is top priority. However, people come together at such events primarily to be entertained and have a good time. Good entertainment needs a high-quality sound system and a clear live commentary.

The same applies to airports, train stations, shopping malls, cultural centres, etc. At such locations it is basically information that needs to be communicated clearly and yet at a comfortable volume. Any music should be in the background and not be a nuisance, which is why top quality is required, even at low playback volumes.

The ITEC*NET concept fully meets all these requirements. ITEC*NET is a network-based, real-time multi-channel audio system for ELA, EVAC, music and broadcasting applications for simultaneous transmission of up to 64 digital audio channels in uncompressed studio quality (48kHz/24 bit), with a latency of just 1.33ms!

Of course, all this complies with all quality and safety standards.


In the future, safety PA systems are going to replace the classic siren alarm. Only clear text instructions can ensure targeted and controlled evacuation of buildings in cases of fire or other disasters. When developing the ITEC*NET system we considered this requirement from the very beginning. Complete system monitoring and permanent surveillance of all emergency microphones, amplifiers, speech memories of all speakers, and of the energy supply are part of the concept. The decentralised structure allows for installations of fully redundant systems at the highest safety level.

Relevant standards:
EN 54-16 governing fire detection and fire alarm systems, voice alarm control and indicating equipment
EN 54-4 governing fire detection and fire alarm systems, power supply equipment
EN 54-24 governing components for components of voice alarm systems - loudspeakers
DIN EN 60849 governing electro-acoustic emergency warning systems
DIN 0833-4 governing alarm systems for fire