Mobile Sound Systems

Mobile sound systems is what it all started with: we had our first successes in the field of audio technology with portable, mains-independent speaker systems. Today, we can offer a large range of mobile sound systems from our own development and production. Our customers' desires, requirements and experiences have always been our guideline for new ideas and products. Easy operation, reliability, optimum speech intelligibility and great playback sound quality are key features of our devices.

All devices are ready to be used in combination with one or multiple radio microphone systems and/or integrated CD or USB player.

There Are a Lot of Reasons for Mobile Sound Systems:



Wherever you need it

Reception in the lobby, birthday party at the restaurant, discussion in the large room, award ceremony outside... The ITEC Lectern Presence is always there where you need it, and it can be set up in no time.




Monument protection

In monument-protected rooms it is usually not possible to permanently install speakers. In that situation a mobile ITEC lectern or active boxes with an integrated speaker system are a perfect solution.




Independent of the mains supply

Great outdoor sound even without mains connection! A mobile speaker system by ITEC, such as the ITEC Active-Box, is set up within very short time, easy to operate and independent of the mains supply.




Always there - whenever, wherever

Portable sound systems: At sports events, processions, guided tours, excursions, demos: you just carry the great sound with you. The Twin-Box, with a weight of 5 kg and an enormous irradiation performance, and the Smart-Box, with a weight of less than 3 kg, are ideal for all events in motion