ITEC Conference Set

The integrated mobile solution for your podium discussion

Conferences and podium discussions usually require operating multiple microphones. With every additional active microphone, the risk of acoustic feedback increases. In fact, doubling the number of microphones translates to a reduction of the maximum volume level of 3 dB. Furthermore, you experience comb filter effects, the signal-tonoice ratio (SNR) worsens dramatically and the comprehensibility of speech decreases because of unintended recording of reverberation and background noise. This is where the new ITEC MICROMIX 4 comes in. This mixer automatically detects which microphones are used and reduces the volume levels of all inactive microphones accordingly.

This innovative selection process works reliably even under worst conditions like high background noise – without having to perform any configurations. The ITEC CONFERENCE SET includes the new ITEC MICROMIX 4, 4 ITEC podium microphones, 4 ITEC table-top stands, all necessary cabling and an external power supply unit. All this ships in a rigid, compact transport case.

The set can be connected to any available sound system and obviously to all ITEC DEVICES, e.g. the LECTERN SUCCESS, the ACTIVE-BOX or the TWIN-BOX.

Complete set
ITEC Conference-Set
Automatic microphone preamplifier, 4 table-top microphones for podium discussions including table-top tripods, cables, power supply unit and case.

Set components

ITEC Micromix 4
Automatic microphone preamplifier including special connector cable and power supply unit.

ITEC DS2/SW (4 pieces)
Table-top stand for gooseneck microphones. Completely silent activation switch. Weight 0.8 kg.

ITEC PA7A (4 pieces)
A top class electret condenser microphone, cardioid polar pattern, length 550 mm.

XLR cable 6 meters (4 pieces)

Transport Case
Synthetic transport case with reinforced aluminium edges, polyurethane foam lining and combination lock. 


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