ITEC DigiPower 1 x 250T

DigiPower 1x250T

100V digital amplifier - durable and safe for professional ELA installations. The very reliable electronics design ensures transmission performance without compromise and a trouble-free operation for years. Hardly waste heat, over 90% efficiency thanks to digital signal processing and a maintenance-free cooling system without fans are further features.

  • Maintenance-free cooling system without a fan
  • Digital signal processing
  • Only 272 mm installation depth
  • Only 10 W power consumption in standby mode
  • Low power consumption in emergency mode

Level control located on the back. Display of all operating conditions by LEDs.

The cooling system operates without a fan, so

  • no pollution
  • no consequential costs
  • no moving parts
  • no interference noise


  • LED indicators for signal and operating conditions
  • Monitoring contacts for battery
  • Monitoring contacts for the output amplifier
  • Low installation depth of only 272 mm
  • All feed lines with plug-in, screw terminals
  • Balanced Inputs
  • Automatic standby mode
  • Protection against open circuit, short circuit, over temperature, DC
  • 230V AC and 24V DC power supply
  • Switching on delay

DigiPower 1x250T

Block diagram

DigiPower 1x250T


DigiPower 1x250T
TYPE 1x250T
Output Power 1 x 250 W
THD + N < 0,29 %
Input sensitivity 1V eff
Input Impedance 10 kOhm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio @ 1kHz, 250W, Vol 0,5 85 dB
Output transformer 50 V / 100 V
Current consumption 230VAC sinus 100V @ 40 Ohms 1,7A
Current consumption 24VDC sinus 100V @ 40 Ohms 15A 
Current consumption Standby 230VAC 0,045A 
Current consumption Standby 24VDC 0,32A 
Power consumption in standby mode (230V) 10 W
Power consumption at full load (230V) 380 W
Inputs symmetrical on screw terminal
Supply voltage 230 V AC / 24 V DC
Operating temperature -5° bis +40° C 
Protection circuits DC, short circuit, resonance, over temperature
Frequency response 90 Hz ÷ 21 kHz / -3 dB
Dimensions 482 x 88 x 272 mm (B x H x T), 19“ / 2U
Weight 11,5 kg

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