The Entire Sound System Is Ready for Use in 20 Seconds

Place, open, activate! That is how fast the lectern – and thus the entire sound system – is set up. Two microphones attached to the lectern allow for great freedom of movement and the wireless microphones enable the lecturer to involve the audience during discussions. The ITEC Lectern Success is the system of choice for commemorative speeches, podium discussions…

  • Presentable designer lectern with integrated speaker system
  • Cable-free and fully independent from the power grid due to the built-in high capacity rechargeable battery
  • Easy to transport when folded (only 24kg)
  • Set up and ready for use in 20 seconds
  • Equipped with the latest digital sound processing technology
  • Powerful: sufficient for 500 listeners or more
  • Simple and laymen-proof usage
  • Ready for use in- and outdoors at all times
  • Total freedom of movement with up to 3 wireless microphones
  • A high quality speaker system to accomplish perfect events
  • Known for excellent voice reproduction
  • A top-quality product developed and produced in Austria

Surprisingly Multifunctional

1. Carry
If folded, the lectern can be carried with one hand. Your personal sound system is always at your side.

2. Place
You can turn the handy package into a firm and presentable lectern in just a few steps.

3. Speak
Not even half a minute has past. The sound system is ready for use with optimal configuration. The speech can begin.

Cablefree and independent

Independence from the power grid!
This leads to trouble-free handling without preparations anytime, everywhere - even outdoors.

Take advantage of the total freedom of movement achieved by adding up to 3 wireless microphones to your lectern.

Easy Handling

Surprisingly multifunctional - easiest handling

Automatic mode
Switch to automatic mode with the push of a button, and the sound system of the lectern adjusts itself to the room size, acoustic circumstances and the audience without any interaction.

Predefined settings
It is equally simple to choose from predefined sound settings. Again, one keystroke is sufficient. Two default settings are defined when the lectern leaves the factory: One for use indoors and one for use outdoors. More settings can be defined as requested by your dealers technicians.

Manual adjustment
The clear cut mixer view on the touch-screen display allows for full control over all microphones and auxiliary input streams at any time. For music playback the adjustment of high and low frequencies is possible via the line-in input.

Further features:
The touch panel offers in addition a lot of useful features. E.g.: The sound of a gong can be activated or a watch monitoring the time limit of a speech can be displayed. The levels of all input signals or the battery status are accessible via the central menu.

All in all a perfect piece of equipment, suitable not only for the average consumer but also for sound engineers (remote access plus all possibilities of digital sound control), leaving nothing to be desired.


Touch-Screen handling - clear cut, informative, multifunctional

  • Simple and clear cut menu navigationSimple and clear cut menu navigation
  • Bass and treble control for auxiliary input streamsBass and treble control for auxiliary input streams
  • Display of the current battery levels, calculation of the remaining capacityDisplay of the current battery levels, calculation of the remaining capacity
  • Access to all microphone volume adjustments via the virtual mixerAccess to all microphone volume adjustments via the virtual mixer
  • One out of many features: The stopwatch keeps track of the talk timeOne out of many features: The stopwatch keeps track of the talk time

Strong Features

ITEC wireless microphones at your disposal

Rednerpult Success
Hand-held microphone                                   Lavalier microphone                                           Headset microphone

The practical hand-held microphone is universally applicable, simple to use and can be passed on easily in case different speakers are active alternately.

The small microphone cartridge is virtually invisible when clipped to the collar or placket -The receiver, about a cigarette box big is attached to your pocket or belt.

The professional uses a headset. The microphone cartridge is always placed precise and concise in the distance from the mouth of the speaker.

High-end microphones: Just plug it

Microphone set PA-7A comprising an elegant gooseneck microphone. It is ideal for readings and lectures offering a comfortable pick-up distance.

The EM-300 is an all-purpose microphone with excellent polar pattern. It is a high-end product to use for speech, singing and music.

The best choice for your panel-discussions: The ITEC Conference-Set

Usually, multiple microphones are used in conferences or panel discussions. The usage of multiple microphones adds to the danger of acoustic feedback and noise. MICRO-MIX 4 is your personal sound engineer in a black box – all issues are taken care of automatically.

ITEC MICRO-MIX 4 is the smallest automatic mixer worldwide. The microphone in use is detected automatically and the levels of all other microphones are reduced.

Remote control via ®iPad or ®iPhone!

The ITEC lectern Success can be remote-controlled from your ®iPad or ®iPhone!
That way you can control the volume, adjust the sound as desired or check the current battery capacity, all without a cable. All models built from 2005 can be retrofit with this innovative technology.

®iPhone and ®iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.


Logo holder SUCCESS
Logo holder made of acrylic glass. Suitable for ITEC Lectern SUCCESS.. For printing on paper cut to the format 175 x 175 mm. Easiest attachment to the lectern.
Dimensions: 178 x 184 x 36 mm (W x H x D)
Dimension of the printout: 175 x 175 mm
Weight: 200 g


Logo holder A4
Logo holder made of acrylic glass. Suitable for ITEC Lectern PRESENCE and SUCCESS. A4-size paper printing is presented behind glass and placed in seconds on the lectern.
Dimensions: 300 x 230 x 50 mm (W x H x D)
Dimension of the printout: 297 x 210 mm (A4 landscape)
Weight: 350 g

Special Design

Special Color
According to customer‘s request, the ITEC Lectern Success can also be manufactured in a special color or a special veneer for an additional charge.

Rednerpult SUCCESS Sonderanfertigungen

Special Design
Besides the standard version, we also build special lecterns with or without built-in sound system, with power height adjustment and many more.

Rednerpult Success

A Future-Proof Concept

Additional sound reinforcement
You can multiply the acoustic power of your lectern by using additional ITEC ACTIV-BOXes. The ITEC ACTIVBOX is a speaker system with built-in amplifier and rechargeable battery. You may achieve signal transmission from the lectern to the speaker systems using an audio cable or a radio link.


The perfect synergy with sound systems in halls
The LECTERN SUCCESS can be superbly combined with existing sound reinforcement systems in halls and halls that are going to be built. A balanced line out connector is available for integrating the lectern into the existing sound reinforcement system. The serial interface of the speaker’s desk „success“ allows the integration in existing media control units, offering a uniform operation together with all other existing equipment like overhead projectors, screen-, light- and dimming controls.

Rednerpult Success


Rednerpult Success 
  • Presentable designer lectern with integrated speaker system
  • Cable-free and fully independent from the power grid due to the built-in
    highcapacity rechargeable battery
  • Easy to transport when folded
Amplifier power: 75 W/RMS 
Sound system:
2 low-mid range speakers 6.5 inch, CD-hornspeaker 1"
High capacity rechargeable battery: 12 Volt, 7.2 Ah (equal 6 to 8 hours of operation), maintenance free
Power-supply unit: Built-in charger and power supply unit with processor controlled charging system
Microphones: 2 electret condenser gooseneck microphones
Illumination: Halogen reading lamp
Dimensions: 1200 x 840 x 540 mm positioned
1200 x 280 x 540 mm folded
Weight: 24 kg
Inputs: Mic-In (XLR connector, symmetric, 12V phantom power)
Line-In (Stereo-Cinch)
Outputs: Balanced-Out (XLR)
Line-Out (Stereo-Cinch)
Interfaces: RS-232 PC (Configuration)
Touchscreen: Virtual mixer, Up to 6 volume controls 
Bass and treble controls. for input streams
DSP (digital signal processing): programmable via a PC:  
5 input equalizers: 4 bands parametric  
3 output equalizers: 12 bands parametric
Compressor / Limiter: fixed
Automatic volume adjustment  
Voice controlled microphone switching 
Memory for 4 full sets of configurations

All information without guarantee. Subject to technical changes.