with best speech intelligibility in reverberant spaces such as churches, railway station, departure and exhibition halls.

Application areas
Wherever acoustic reverberation times reach or exceed values like comparatively measured in a concert hall, it is difficult or impossible to achieve satisfactory results in terms of speech intelligibility with standard speaker systems. In our old landmarked churches, but also in many modern hangars these reverberation times are much too high and require therefore special public address systems. Room acoustic measures would be desirable, but are not feasible either due to conservation reasons or due to the architectural requirements.The solution for these sound engineering tasks is: ITEC “NEOFOCUS/02”, the actual further development of the proven ITEC “FOCUS” series. Further advantages, compared to standard acoustic sound solutions are:

-   With only one “NEOFOCUS/02” speaker you are able to supply areas of 600sq.m. and more!
-   This results in significantly less cabling and installation costs
-   Architectural perfectly integrated, vertical mounting possible (no tilting required)
-   Coloring as desired

Classic speaker systems have a frequency-dependent angle of radiation. That means, that low frequencies are emitted nearly spherical but when reaching higher frequencies the sound radiation is concentrated more and more. This kind of speakers causes in reverberant spaces a strong reverberation field. In a consequence the speech intelligibility even at short distances of a few meters to the speaker system is no longer given. The classic responses of sound system engineering were and are the implementation of speakers that are arranged in a form of an acoustic line. But these sound arrays have their physical limitations: The longer a sound array is, the better the vertical directivity at low frequencies, however, the reproduction of high frequencies deteriorates. The compromise lies in a sound line with a total length of about one meter.

The ITEC “FOCUSLINE” speaker systems are equipped with a technology that overcomes the shortcomings of classic speaker systems respectively sound arrays and ensures a frequency-independent radiation. The individual groups of speakers in the “NEOFOCUS/02” sound array are driven independently via one controller / amplifier output in terms of frequency, phase and time, resulting in a homogeneous, controlled and adjustable sound result. The algorithms for the adjustment of the sound line are stored within ITEC “FOCUS-CONTROL”: Its intuitive configuration software ITEC “SPLITDESIGN” is easy to operate for each technician.

Advantages of the passive variant of the “NEOFOCUS/02” series:
On the market available are mainly „active” controlled sound line systems. Many years ago we have decided to implement sound lines themselves in a „passive“ variant and to install signal processing components and power amplifiers at one central spot. Major advantages of this passive variant are: 

  • Cost savings for installation and wiring (only one cable required)
  • Significant cost savings as soon two “NEOFOCUS” sound lines are needed
    (parallel connection of several systems possible)
  • Weather-resistant designs for exterior applications (WP-Series)
  • Systems under certification according to EN 54-24 (only possible for passive versions) 


With the ITEC “NEOFOCUS/02” series of controllable sound line systems, we offer an advanced acoustic technology, which can easily solve challenging sound reinforcement applications. In combination with the ITEC “POWER BASS” speaker systems adequate musical performances, both live sessions and canned music become a sonic experience.



- Multi-channel sound line speaker
- High efficiency and avoidance of reverberation through extremely high degree of vertical focusing;
- Ranges from 20 to 50 meters
- Uniformly high sound pressure levels up to 96 dBA at distances of up to 40 meters
- Minimal wiring effort (only one multi-pin signal cable)
- Excellent speech intelligibility, entire suitable for music

High-performance sound columne, weatherproof aluminium housing IP33, 2-way
speaker system with passive frequency crossover; rated load 80W, 4 full-range neodymium-drivers, dimensions:60,2 x 10 x 10 cm, weight: 3.55 kg., incl. 2 mounting bracket (short), standard colour white



Mounting bracket short (standard for model 4)


ITEC Swing & tilt bracket (Option)

Schematic structure

Schematischer Aufbau

Schematischer Aufbau

Specifications - NeoFocus 4/WP/02

 NEOFOCUS 4/WP/100V/02
Load Rating: 320 W / RMS  200 W / RMS
Frequency Range: 100 Hz - 12 kHz (-6 dB) 
Max. Sound Pressure Level: 97 dB at 25 m distance 
Radiation Angle: Horizontal:  180° - 500 Hz, 90° at 5 kHz 
Vertical: Angels of bundling, tilting and radiation
adjustable with ITEC FOCUS-CONTROL 4/8 digital 
Dimensions (W x H x D): 100 x 1916 x 100 mm 
Weight: 8 kg  10,8 kg
Standard Colour: white, RAL 9010, black RAL 9011 
Housing: Welded aluminium housings for weather-proof outdoor
installations (IP33), all drivers weatherproof, speaker
grille galvanized, powder coated 
Provided Accessories: Mounting brackets, multi-pin connectors 

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