ITEC Power Box

The Mobile Sound System for Your Event

Perfect sound - battery-operated!

The entire sound system in one tough mobile box - including the power supply by a highcapacity rechargeable battery. Amplifier, mixer, a high-efficient speaker system and the battery are fully integrated. Depending on customer requirements, the box may be equipped with one or two wireless microphone receivers and a CD player. Furthermore, ITEC follows an important trend: The new CDMP3-USB player allows you to play your songs from CD or from MP3 or WAV files on a USB memory stick.




Optimal efficiency levels make it real

8 hours of full power in battery mode
Hearing the ITEC Power Box you will ask yourself: How is it possible to achieve this sound and power using a rechargeable battery? The answer is optimal efficiency. An outstanding speaker system and fine-tuned electronic components produce sound pressure levels that previously required several hundred Watts of amplifier power. Only the ITEC Power Box delivers this power up to 8 hours of battery operation.

Strong Extras

Total freedom of movement using wireless microphones

Rednerpult Success
Hand-held microphone                                  Lavalier microphone                                         Headset microphone

The practical hand-held microphone is universally applicable, simple to use and can be passed on easily in case different speakers are active alternately.

The small microphone cartridge is virtually invisible when clipped to the collar or placket -The receiver, about a cigarette box big is attached to your pocket or belt.

The professional uses a headset. The microphone cartridge is always placed precise and concise in the distance from the mouth of the speaker.

Automatic volume reduction

Your „electronix sound engineer“
Music Volume Reduction, also known as “Voice over Music“ or “Ducking“, is an optional feature. If your presentation is supported by background music, it enables the automatic reduction of the volume of the music for the time you are speaking. AUTO-MUTE is your “electronic sound engineer“. It reduces the volume of the music for the time any microphone is used. The amount of reduction can be set by you. This feature can also be used with auxiliary playback devices.



You can choose between two tripods. The cost-effective, robust standard tripod with a height of up to 1.5 meters or the comfortable tripod with crank handle with a height of up to 2 meters.




Flight case
The robust flight case makes transportation easy and reliably protects the box.



CD- MP3- USB- Player
In addition to our proven CD player, we now offer a new combined CD-MP3-USB player that can play music files directly also from your USB memory stick.


GENERAL mobile, active speaker box with integrated amplifier, rechargeable battery,
3-channel mixer, power supply unit with automatic charging,
high-performance 2-way speaker system
Amplifier output power:
75 W/RMS (which equals a music load capacity of 200-300 Watts due to high efficiency level) 
1 cone woofer/mid-range 12 inch, 1 calotte tweeter 1 inch 
Maximum sound pressure: 118 dB (for audiences of 500 people or more)
Pre-amplifier: 3-Channel: microphone, line, wireless
High-capacity lead gel battery: 20 Ah / 12 V (equal 6 to 8 hours of operation)
Plugged operation / charging: integrated power supply unit, automatic charging, 230 V power cable
Tripod flange: For box-tripods 36 mm
Dimensions: 400 x 580 x 415 mm (W x H x D)
Weight:  24.1 kg
Colour: black, shock-resistant polyuretane coating, UV-resistant
Microphone Socket: symetric, XLR/jack combo-socket, phantom power 12 V
Line-In: 2 cinch sockets (RCA)
Line-Out: 2 cinch sockets for recording devices (RCA)
Auto-mute feature: automatic music volume reduction at microphone use
Wireless Microphones: Up to 2 wireless microphone receivers (UHF or VHF) can be installed.
Use with hand-held, lavalier or head-set microphones
Microphone: EM-300 cable-bound microphone
Auxiliary Playback Devices: CD-Player or CD-MP3-USB player integrated in the box
Miscellaneous: box tripod, flight case, protective cover

All information without guarantee. Subject to technical changes.