ITEC PowerMix 6/3 digital

A Convincing New Philosophy

The ITEC POWERMIX 6/3 digital is based on an entirely new concept. We have combined high-quality, analogue microphone pre-amplifiers, state-of-the-art digital signal processing, power amplifier and a 100 Volt output transformer in a functional and compact case.


The user interface is innovative - instead of the usual potentiometers or mechanical slider controls, we have equipped the ITEC POWERMIX 6/3 digital with a touch-screen for highest possible comfort and usability.

You can use the master volume control to quickly adjust the volume level of the system. Which input channels are affected by is configurable - as are many other feature as well.

You can connect an auxiliary playback and recording device via connectors conveniently located on the front panel, as are the RS-232 interfaces. If you order the product version ‘i’, which is designed for rack mounting, these connectors are located on the rear panel.

You can adapt the sound characteristics of all inputs and outputs to the most diverse circumstances using the integrated digital signal processor (DSP). Advanced technology - usually restricted to large-scale and complex sound systems or professional sound studios - all integrated into a compact and affordable device.

You can configure the ITEC POWERMIX 6/3 digital yourself via the serial interface and a PC. The software package that is required is named ITEC POWERDESIGN. It is available free of charge. You can download it from our website. The second serial interface can be used to connect the device to media remote control systems.

The Entire Sound System in a Single Case


Three of the five symmetrical inputs are configurable and can be used as LINE or MIC inputs with or without phantom power. Two inputs are fixed - they can be used as MIC inputs with phantom power. Another input - unsymmetrical with stereo-cinch connector - is meant for quick and simple connection of auxiliary playback devices.

Two symmetrical LINE outputs provide professional connectivity to auxiliary audio components. The sound engineer decides at the time the device is programmed which signals should be routed to these outputs. A discrete set of parametric 12 band equalizers is available for each of the outputs.

Power Amplifier
The integrated power amplifier has a RMS power rating of 75 Watts. You can connect low-impedance or 100 Volt speakers. An entire sound system in a single and compact case! Pre-amplifier, many different signal processors and POWER AMPLIFIER do not have to be assembled cumbersomely. Hum feedback and hassle with incorrect adjustments are eliminated.

The device is shipped with two 19 inch mounting brackets for rack mounting. The device height is 3 U.

Surprisingly Versatile, Easy to Use

The multifunctional touch-screen is the central element of the user interface. You can define the labels of the input channels and the predefined configuration sets yourself at the time the device is programmed. You get an interface that is easy to use and displays the custom text that you are used to see.

You can tilt the touch-screen in order to improve readability of the display in non-ideal mounting positions.


Various Configuration Sets
Different operating circumstances require different operation settings. You can prepare up to four configuration sets that can then be accessed by the click of a button. The custom text labels ensure best usability.

Virtual Mixer
The virtual mixer concisely shows all volume sliders and their labels. Small arrow markers indicate the recommended settings. You can set custom settings for each input channel by a tip on the touch-screen.

The flexibility of the touch-screen makes it possible to integrate features into the POWERMIX 6/3 digital that you could not find in a mixing amplifier in the past. An example is the measurement and display of all input and output levels.

Prepared for Everything - Options

Second Power amplifier: ITEC POWERBOOST 2
You can equip the ITEC POWERMIX 6/3 digital with a second power amplifier equal to the first in power. This gives you the flexibility of two outputs for which you can set volume levels separately. Additionally, they both have an own output EQ. A typical application would be to provide sound to two different zones like an outdoor and an indoor zone.

Wireless microphone receiver
The ITEC POWERMIX 6/3 digital can be equipped with up to two diversity wireless receivers. Available frequency bands include VHF and UHF. You can use hand-held microphones, headsets or lavalier microphones as transmitting devices. The antennas (one pair per channel) are included and are mounted directly on the rear panel of the device.

Go wireless
You can operate the ITEC POWERMIX 6/3 digital completely independent from the power grid with an integrated maintenance-free rechargeable battery. Operating time is approximately 6-8 hours with a fully charged battery. If you choose to equip your device with the rechargeable battery option, it will ship with a microprocessor-controlled charging station that prevents overcharging, displays battery levels and will automatically power down the device if battery capacity is low.

ITEC PowerMix 6/3 Digital  i - the version for rack mounting
The version ‘i’ comes with a black finishing. Additionally, all LINE IN, LINE OUT sockets and all interface connectors are located on the rear panel to simplify cabling in the rack.

The Software Package for the PowerMix

ITEC POWERDESIGN is the tool that the sound engineer can use to configure the default settings of the ITEC POWERMIX 6/3 digital. Furthermore, it allows for optimal testing of all settings prior to productive operation. Every change in the configuration is performed on the device in real time; the effect on the resulting sound is perceivable immediately. As soon as the configuration is complete, it is stored in the flash memory of the ITEC POWERMIX 6/3 digital and will remain there also if power goes out.


The PC is connected to the ITEC POWERMIX 6/3 digital via the serial interface. You configure all settings on the PC. The software is self-explanatory and can be used without special skills or training. The signal path is visualized on the PC screen so that the user can see clearly how the device components are wired together at the moment.


Full Control and Overview

One of the major feature of the ITEC POWERMIX 6/3 digital is the integrated digital signal processor (DSP). The DSP can be extensively configured. The inputs can be wired to five parametrical 4-band equalizers and every output can be wired to a 12-band equalizer. And that’s not enough: All that can be configured for each of the four configuration sets!


POWERDESIGN makes the configuration of the equalizers a delight by providing a graphical view of their configuration that is very easy to work with.


POWERDESIGN does not only make configuration easy, it even allows to test and monitor all parameters of your device during operation in real time! Input and output levels can be looked at, a spectrum analysis of the output signal can be done – whatever you could ever have wished for. The virtual sliders can set the startup volume and can also be remote controlled from the PC..

The software ITEC POWERDESIGN and the corresponding manual are available free of charge and can be downloaded from our website!


Voltage: 110 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximal Power Consumption: 250 W
Dimensions w/o rack mounting brackets: 478 x 132 x 266 mm (W x H x D)

Dimensions with 19 inch rack mounting brackets:

478 x 132 x 266 mm (W x H x D), 19“, 3 RU 
Weight: ca. 6.25 kg
Color: silver, (Version ‘i’: black)
Input 1-2 (XLR): balanced Mic-Input, Gain 10 dB to 50 dB 
Phantom Power Input 1-2: 12 V 
Input 3-5 (XLR):  balanced Line/Mic Input, Gain -20 dB to 50 dB 
Phantom Power Input 3-5:  12 V, switchable
Input 6 (Cinch):  Line-Input Gain -20 dB bis 20 dB 
Output 1 (Cinch):  unbalanced Line-Out
Output 2-3 (XLR):  balanced Line-Out 
Output Power:  75 W / RMS (2 x 75 W optionally) 
Low Impedance Connector:  Min. 4 Ohm 
Output Transformer:  50 / 70 / 100 Volt, 75 Watt max. 
RS 232 PC: Configuration via PC (POWERDESIGN)
RS 232 Remote:  For media remote control
SPECIAL FEATURES    Four programmable configuration sets
Automatic microphones switcher and -mixer
Variable internal signal routing
VIRTUAL MIXER ON TOUCH SCREEN WITH   Up to 6 volume controls
Bass- and treble control
Options:  Wireless Receiver (Up to 2 receivers can be built in)
Rechargeable Battery (built-in, with intelligent charging module)
Second Power Amplifier “ITEC POWERBOOST 2”
5 Input equalizers - 4-band parametrical
3 Output equalizers - 12-band parametrical
Compressor / Limiter
Options:  Diversity Receiver UHF or VHF
12 Volt, 7.2 Ah, operating time approx. 8 h
75 Watts, 50 / 70 / 100 Volt, 4 Ohm

All information without guarantee. Subject to technical changes.