ITEC POWERTOP: Packing a Punch – on Stage or in the Arena

The superlative from ITEC – whether for music PAs or nightclubs, for large halls or stadiums, the high - performance Powertop sound reinforcement speakers are your number one choice. With an impressive peak level of 131 dB the sound reaches your audience with an exceptional fidelity that makes for a pleasant listening experience even at extreme volumes.

Areas of application
As wide as the application range in the large sound reinforcement technology is, as flexible is this speaker system. The speakers can both vertically as well horizontally be mounted on the ceiling (model „Installed“) or be equipped with 2 tripod flanges for different stacking variants and carrying handles (model „Mobil“). The HF Horn (90 x 60 degrees) can be rotated by 90 ° and can thus for cluster-exercises be adapted. The built-in passive frequency crossover unit is equipped with a protection circuits securing it against overloading at any time. The weatherproof glued and with a special polyurethane coating equipped speaker housing is hermetically closed. Optional: The ITEC Power TOP - speakers can be equipped absolutely weatherproof and therefore be installed also outdoors without additional covers. The other optional configuration with 100V power transmitter enables large line lengths with central arrangement of amplifier units, and that nearly lossless. So a „full“ sound system that leaves nothing to be desired.

Performance features - low-impedance or 100 volt

  • Low-impedance or 100 Volt high performance sound reinforcement speaker
  • Assembly: 2 x 12 „low/mid cone loudspeakers
  • 1“ Neodym CD Horn, Linear authentic sound
  • Highest efficiency: 104 dB / 1W / 1 m
  • Ideal for full-range sound reinforcement tasks
  • 4 Ohms / 600 W or 100V/250W
  • Built-in passive crossover net-work equipped with all protection circuits
  • Optional: Weatherproof overall level

Equipped with plastic hard-shell hand grips, 36 mm Tripod mount at top and bottom, rubber feet at bottom for stacking and transport.


SPEAKON connections
on reverse side of PowerTop

mount on underside and top of the PowerTop

Specifications - PowerTop mobile

MODEL POWERTOP-12 / 4 Ohm POWERTOP-12 / 100 V / 250 W
Rated load: 600 W / RMS 250 W / RMS
Rated acoustic pressure: 104 dB / 1 W / 1 m
Max. acoustic pressure: 131 dB 128 dB
Frequency response -6 dB: 100 Hz- 22 kHz
Features: Tripod mount (top/bottom), recessed handles, rubber feet
Drivers: 2 Stk. TT 12”
1 Stk. CD waveguide 1”
Dimensions: 406 x 908 x 513 mm (W × H × D)
Weight: 29 kg 34 kg
Enclosure: Housing made of waterproof plywood, ball-throwing proof speaker grille,
shock-resistant polyurethane (PU) coating
Colour: PU-coated, black

All information without guarantee. Subject to technical changes.