The PRESENCE lectern, including your entire audio system, is ready to use within just 30 seconds: Set it up, turn it on, and that‘s it!

For your successful presentation you neither need a cable nor a power outlet – just press a button, and the audio system automatically performs all optimum adjustments for the room size, acoustic conditions and number of people!


The Lectern for Your Successful Presentation

Efficiency You Can Rely On:

  • Design lectern with integrated speaker system
  • Off the line thanks to integrated high-performance battery
  • Easy to transport and operate
  • Set up and ready to use within just 30 seconds
  • Automatic operation for optimum acoustic adjustment
  • For indoor and outdoor use at any time
  • Sound performance for up to 500 people
  • Excellent speech intelligibility
  • Great mobility with up to three wireless microphones
  • High-end music playback
  • Interface for PC and media control


The New Design

Clarity and transparency The PRESENCE lectern meets these requirements twice: in its design and sound quality. Your acoustically successful presentation thanks to speech clarity and music playback transparency.

The elegance of modern lines emphasises any speaker‘s expressiveness and dynamics; the intelligent functionality provides a feeling of safety and comfort.

Not least, it is also the pleasantly authentic reproduction of your own voice that makes you feel comfortable during your presentation!


Right Down to The Last Detail



Optional accessories

Logohalterung Gross 

ITEC REDNERPULT „PRESENCE“ - Logo holder „large“

An alternative to the integrated holder. Suitable for hard copies of 185 x 185 mm. Quick
attachment and logo replacement without tools by magnetic holders. Acrylic glass for quality
presentation. At the same time, this holder also acts as a screen for connecting cables leading
from the accessory compartment for storage space (for example, connecting a laptop or tablet).


Lectern PRESENCE - Double cupholders
Alternatively to the cup holder for one glass there is also a double cup holder now available - for
glass and bottle.

Rollensatz Rollensatz 

Roller set for the lectern PRESENCE
Better mobility with the practical roller set (optional accessory, also retrofitable!).
Undisturbed stability.

The rollers are used by tilting and the lectern can be transported easily.


Logo holder A4
Logo holder made of acrylic glass. Suitable for ITEC Lectern PRESENCE and SUCCESS.
A4-size paper printing is presented behind glass and placed in seconds on the lectern.
Dimensions: 300 x 230 x 50 mm (W x H x D)
Dimension of the printout: 297 x 210 mm (A4 landscape)
Weight: 350 g


Freedom of Movement Thanks to Wireless Microphones

PRESENCE im Einsatz
Handmikrofon Hand-held microphone: Universal use,easy handling
Ansteckmikrofon Clip-on microphone: Discreet, comfortable to wear
Headset Headset: The professional solution for top clarity

Maximum Flexibility for Your Presentation

Even when operated on its own, the attractive functional column of the PRESENCE lectern is a high-quality audio system for your presentations, road shows and seminars.
The PRESENCE lectern is also an excellent music system for discreet background sound atmosphere or high-volume mood music. Your event is guaranteed to be a success!

Fernbedienung mit Tablet, Smartphone oder Laptop über WLAN Optional: Remote control via tablet, smartphone or laptop using WLAN

Feeds and Connection Options

integrierter USB PlayerIntegrated USB player to play music or record an entire presentation (optional)

Anschlüsse Clearly structured ports for other microphones, external players and connection with other systems.

Extended Audio Performance

Multiply the audio performance of the PRESENCE lectern by adding ITEC Active Speakers at large events! Transmission from the lectern to the speakers is done via an audio line or, for increased comfort, wirelessly.


Versions and Special Colours

Choose from a variety of versions and combination options. Our standard colors are white (RAL 9010) and gray (RAL 9006) with black front panel. Optionally, the colours of the PRESENCE lectern by ITEC can be customised to your specification.

Rednerpult Presence

Rednerpult Presence

Rednerpult Presence 
  • Presentable designer lectern with integrated speaker system
  • Cable-free and fully independent from the power grid due to the built-in high capacity rechargeable battery
  • Easy to set up and dismantle without any tools, easy to transport
Amplifier: 75 W/RMS 
Sound System:
2 low-mid range speakers 4“, 2 hornspeaker 1“
High capacity rechargeable battery: 12 Volt, 7,2 Ah (equal 6 to 8 hours of operation), maintenance free
Power-supply unit: Built-in charger and power supply unit with processor controlled charging
Microphones: 2 electret condenser gooseneck microphones
Illumination: LED lighting system
Dimensions: Positioned: ca. 1250 x 800 x 550 mm (H x W x D)
Flightcases respectively Bags: aprox. 1300 x 400 x 230 mm und 860 x 600 x 180 mm
Weight: aprox. 30 kg
Input: 2 x MIC-IN for gooseneck microphones on the podium
1 x MIC-IN (XLR connector, symmetric, 12V phantom power)
1 x LINE-IN (Stereo-Cinch)
Output: Balanced-Out (XLR)
LINE-OUT (Stereo-Cinch)
Interfaces: RS-232 PC (Configuration), RS-232 Remote (Remote Control)
Optional: WLAN
Music: From a CD player, smartphone, laptop (Line-In)
Built-in USB Player / Recorder (optional accessories)
Wireless microphones: Up to 3 wireless microphones (optional accessories)
Touchscreen: Virtual mixer, Up to 6 volume controls 
Sound Control Bass and treble controls: for input streams
DSP (digital signal processing): programmable via a PC
                  5 input equalizers: 4 bands parametric
                  3 output equalizers: 12 bands parametric
Compressor / Limiter: Fixed
Automatic volume adjustment   Processor-controlled adjustment to room acoustics
Voice controlled microphone switching To avoid comb filter effects 
Presets Memory for 4 full sets of configurations

All information without guarantee. Subject to technical changes.


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